Can you find all the letter “A”s hidden in the interior?

If you didn’t notice the logo by the entrance don’t despair, it will soon become clear whose office you have entered. The entire interior, along with some striking geometry, is inscribed with the letter A for Altersis. All you have to do is look carefully and you will find the often cleverly hidden symbols. The prominent graphic behind reception, the shape of reception itself and also the base of the desks all copy the shape of the letter A.

Altersis is a French IT company and we recently completed their new office in Rustonka, Prague. The office form is influenced by the distinctively technical approach with clean lines. Also significant is the muted colour palette, comprising shades of blue highlighted with grey, white and black.

We supplied free-standing furniture, bespoke furniture, transfers and acoustic cladding. An unusual element are the chrome legs of the Arkus A desk, which give it a majestic and original appearance.

Radek Klazar
Sales manager TECHO

Our main priority was to weave the corporate identity and modern design into the overall interior concept. I am very happy that the entire project has been successful for all parties involved.

Tailor-made to your requirements

Together with clients we almost always have the same task – to achieve everything on time, to a high quality and for the least cost. We are often responsible for a comprehensive delivery of an interior solution. Thanks to this we can save our clients valuable time and the hassle of coordinating several suppliers. This was also the case with this project. We arranged the production and delivery of all bespoke items, including measuring up and installation. In the case of the acoustic cladding in meeting rooms, it all had to fit to the millimetre in order for the geometric pictures to go together correctly.

Acoustics is the burning theme related to open-plan offices

Not just during meetings, but also for undisturbed work, peace and quiet and the opportunity to concentrate are important. Numerous studies show that during the day frequent noise disturbance has a negative impact on our ability to concentrate on work. A very simple yet effective solution is acoustic cladding that can provide sound insulation for a meeting room, or even provide a quieter environment in a kitchenette. There is an almost endless choice of colours and forms, and you can also create an interesting picture to give your office an original flourish.

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