Inconspicuous details that you’ll appreciate every day 

CBRE Group is a world leader in the field of real estate services and investment, with its headquarters in Los Angeles. It has over 450 branches worldwide. In the Czech Republic it manages almost two hundred properties with a total area of over 1.2 million m2, and it has around four hundred employees.

We have been working for several years with them on new office space for many of their significant clients and in that time we have got to know each other. We know what high requirements they have when selecting suppliers, and therefore we greatly appreciate their decision to select TECHO as their partner for the redesign of their Prague office.

The best of ergonomics, design and acoustics

The requirements for furnishing the new workplace environment where surprisingly simple. An aesthetically perfect interior thought out to the finest detail that will meet the highest requirements with respect to ergonomic workstations. In carrying out such projects we have the advantage of being able to call on the product portfolios of our long-term suppliers and combine the best options for the given purpose that comply precisely with the client’s requirements. In the case of the new CBRE office we were able to supply products from Humanscale, Ahrend, and Bachmann along with our own acoustic panels and height-adjustable desks.

Height-adjustable desks

Height adjustable desks are starting to become the norm in increasing numbers of offices. We are all different and using a simple control we can adjust our workstation to the way we feel at the time. You can alternate standing and sitting, and in so doing reduce the likelihood of suffering back pain at the end of the working day.

Maximum flexibility

A necessary part of the flexible workstation is the ability to easily move the monitor in all directions. In terms of load capacity and design, the M8 monitor holder from Humanscale is an ideal solution, particularly in cases where you want to use two monitors, which are often set to a different height. With its excellent design and range of colour options, a version can be selected to suit any office.

Acoustics in detail

In addition to acoustic screens, which are now supplied as standard together with office desk configurations, the CBRE office also benefits from a range of inconspicuous acoustic solutions, which contribute to the overall pleasant atmosphere in the office. The fine grooving covering the cabinet doors are not just an interesting design feature, but above all an ingenious acoustic solution. Another inconspicuous, but effective detail is that the cabinet backs are covered with sound absorbing foam and a decorative non-woven fabric. This enables, for example, corporate colours to be used. Even a simple cabinet can become a modern acoustic element.

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