Česká spořitelna. New Branch Concept

Česká spořitelna is the bank with the longest history in the Czech market. In the Czech Republic they have over 500 branches and 1,700 cash machines. Since the year 2000, it has been part of the strong Central European banking group, Erste, which expanded its activities to Central and Eastern Europe in 1997 and thanks to numerous acquisitions it has become one of the largest providers of financial services in the Eastern part of the EU.

From interior furnishings to fit-out

As a global partner we have been working with ERSTE since 1997 in several European markets. In 2002 we were appointed supplier of interior furnishings for the original branch network. 2015 was a milestone year. TECHO became the general contractor of Česká spořitelna for the Trianon building in Prague 4. This was a very demanding project that tested our ability as both a supplier of fit-out solutions and interior furnishings. This project, together with our original cooperation, opened the door for a tender to fit-out and furnish the new branch network. TECHO was appointed one of two general contractors.

new branches in Czech Republic
branch sizes

A future full of challenges

A period of time always elapses between the original idea and actual project delivery. We started with delivery in 2017 and to date we have delivered 44 new branches in the Czech Republic. The branch projects come in three basic sizes - small, medium and flagship.

The new branch network came about primarily as a response to the changing operation of the entire company, which was associated with a change in the communication between bank and client. The underlying concept is “more technology, less people”. Cash transactions are becoming less common and the new branches now have, for example, rooms prepared for videoconferences. 

The individual branches exhibit a high standard of materials and original design. Characteristic are natural materials, wood and living walls.

Michal Líčeník
Head of project ERSTE in TECHO

Above all an excellent team

I must thank the team as a whole because together we have succeeded in navigating past all the pitfalls and delivering all individual projects in the period of a year to the satisfaction of the customer.

A comprehensive and bespoke solution

Together with the customer we have been working on the whole project from the planning phase, when in cooperation with the architects we drafted the individual space plans, to the obtaining of necessary planning permits and the installation work itself.

We were involved on the project from the start of the space planning, which means we are aware of all aspects of the project and can identify the most suitable solutions. In order to ensure the necessary business of a branch continues during renovation we also supplied mobile branches. We are responsible not just for the actual provision of these temporary premises, but also for getting them up and running.

The new branch network project is one of our largest projects of recent years. It has helped us refine our project management, the coordination of multiple subcontractors, the setting of processes within the company, the allocation of key people to the team and working with the client to achieve a broad range of synergies.


Space planning

The optimum layout of furnishings with regards to available space and purpose. We draft space plans and incorporate comments and suggestions.


Fit-out a project management

Working from the shell including utilities and demolition work. Monitoring of work progress.



We produce and deliver the interior fixtures and furnishings, including, for example, relaxation zones.
Jan Mergl
Sales director

Obstacles are there to be overcome

Working with Česká spořitelna has moved us another step forward, and in doing so we handled many complex tasks. We helped the client not just with price optimisation and the selection of materials, but also with comprehensive project delivery.

Our tip: Bring a bit of nature into the interior

Living walls have in recent years grown in popularity and are increasingly being installed in office buildings. Plants have a beneficial influence on our health, they improve air quality in the room and create an attractive interior feature. The plants are cultivated either using substrate or hydroponics. Plant holders are suspended on vertical structures. The advantage of this is that in consultation with a horticulturist you can plan your own arrangement, or in time change the appearance of your vertical garden.

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