When quality is the decisive factor  

Era is a traditional producer of state-of-the-art passive radar equipment. The requirements for high quality that the customer is used to in its field are also reflected in its approach to the new administrative building that added modern offices to its production facility. In 2013 an architecture tender took place in which firm BHT architekti was selected from ten bidders. After two years of intense preparations the construction work started in 2015.

As in a well-designed apartment

The architects succeeded in creating a four-storey building with various nooks and crannies and courtyards. It is a space where, despite its location in a former industrial complex, people will enjoy working. Once inside you could be forgiven for thinking you are within a well-designed apartment. This feeling is enhanced by the use of natural materials in the well-arranged interior. The meeting rooms and workstations are oriented to give a view of greenery or the site, and most also allow natural ventilation. Today the division of office space into closed offices for two employees is rather unusual. However, this method of working is the basis for the building and it is also reflected in the building façade. 

Service for the discerning

We have long-term experience with clients that require the best possible service. As in the case of our most demanding project, a resort on the Maldives, we applied all our know-how in close cooperation with the architect and client to ensure the delivered project fully embodies their requirements and expectations.

In the case of the new offices for ERA we prepared a 1:1 workplace mock-up including details such as facade windows, ventilation etc. so that the client can assess not just the appearance, but also, for example, noise and heating outlets. We again showed that not even the best visualisation can replace the advantages of a physical mock-up. Discerning clients like to get a hands-on feel for their future interior before the installation work begins. ERA also gave its employees this opportunity as in addition to management representatives, standard employees also took part in testing the mock-up. Together with the architects we then went over and adjusted the designs almost centimetre by centimetre on the basis of the comments to the mock-up.

The new ERA headquarters building won the award Building of the Year Pardubice Region 2017. The competition is run once every two years in the Pardubice Region in cooperation with the Czech Chamber of Authorised Engineers and Technicians. ERA won in the category Structures for Industry, Agriculture and Water Management. 


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