Innovation Centre

The building shaped like a crystal is hard to miss when travelling around the Prague ring road, especially at night. The non-traditional architectural solution of this private business centre symbolically points to what takes place inside. The centre provides space for start-ups, small and medium sized concerns that are seeking new contacts, opportunities and business ideas.

Interiors ready for anything

Behind the irregular façade there are two floors of offices suitable for flexible use with a total area of 3 000 m2. The interior can be adjusted to meet the needs of individual teams. All the tenants can also make use of the common room on the ground floor for the holding of seminars and workshops.

Colour code

The Innovation Centre comprises four buildings. The individual wings all have a different colour scheme, which is evident both externally and internally. The different colour schemes also extend to some of the furnishings, and therefore from the start we worked closely with the architect to ensure the colour schemes matched.

We have been able to achieve this detailed vision thanks to the modular architecture of our Forever table, which allows us to change some of its parts while maintaining an affordable price. Because we were able to fulfil the project brief by offering 90% our own standard furniture with just minor modifications, we were able to deliver exactly what the client wanted and the whole project was completed on time.

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