Lasvit is one of the most successful companies that are continuing in the famed Czech tradition of glass making. In the short time it has been in existence it has succeeded in becoming one of the leading international makers of luxury light installations, glass installations and lighting collections, for which it has collected a range of prestigious awards. Although it is primarily active in the markets of the Middle East, Asia, Europe and North America, their headquarters are still located in the heart of the Czech glass-making region in Nový Bor in the southern foothills of the Lužické hory. In the near future two new buildings are planned. However, to ensure that their employees didn’t have to make do with a temporary arrangement until then it was decided to renovate part of the original site to create offices corresponding to the prestige of the company.

A slightly different office

When installing new interiors in an old building you must always take into account different scales and the original uses that the building served. It is not a standard office space

An advantage is you can participate in the building adaptation from the start. We used our experience at providing comprehensive services and we participated in the project from the phase of the architectural study. Together with the client and architects we selected materials, decided on floor colour, and a suitable arrangement for the quiet zones. In the newly arranged space we delivered all furnishings – workstations, cabinets, acoustic boxes and kitchenettes. We monitored the quality of the construction work ourselves. During a reconstruction project there is never any shortage of surprises, and we wanted to make sure that the people from Lasvit would be able to move into their offices on time and could start working without any problems immediately the first day.

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