Hygiene first

The Medicon clinic on Budějovická street is the largest private outpatient facility in Prague. The original building underwent an expensive renovation in stages, modernising the existing departments and also expanding the range of healthcare services offered to include new specialisations. Under one roof you will find a broad range of healthcare services and departments with state-of-the-art equipment. The main goal is to provide clients with care of the highest possible professional standard.

Our task was the delivery of interior solutions for two floors of the newly renovated building. This was another opportunity for us to show our expertise in meeting the strict requirements for the furnishing and equipping of medical facilities. 

Medicon Stoma

A comprehensive dental service under one roof – this characterises the Medicon dental clinic. It can boast not just the latest dental equipment, but also uncompromising standards of hygiene. For the interior furnishings and fittings this means the use of hard wearing materials not commonly used, but also specific requirements regarding the processing and fitting of the furnishings. 

A specific material we used at this medical clinic was the very hard-wearing compact boards with a white core and HPL. The resulting surfaces are very durable and easy to clean. When working with this material a diamond saw wheel is used, which gives the resulting products greater quality. This material was also used in details such as ventilation grilles and enclosures for radiators.

Medicon Mamma centre

Mamma centrum Budějovická is the first breast screening centre in the Czech Republic and today it annually examines over eighty thousand women. During the renovation great emphasis was placed on patient comfort. Thanks to our own portfolio of products we were able to offer standard interior furnishings at a good price/quality ratio. The client didn’t have to compromise on its original concept. In addition to the delivery of furniture we also had plenty of opportunity to add something extra to the overall solution. With one of the practical details we contributed to increasing overall value of the interior – washable rests on walls to prevent damage to walls in waiting rooms.

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