New office in the Rustonka building

We recently completed a new office for over 1250 employees at the Rustonka office building in Prague-Karlín. We furnished several floors over a short period with new height-adjustable desks and frameless screens.

We work wonders with logistics

When we first meet with a new client at our showroom, we always strive first to get to know the culture of the given firm, in order to correctly determine their requirements. We ask what, how and when with regards to the work of their employees, and determine all details about the course of their typical work day.

As soon as both we and the client are clear about the furnishing/layout of the new office we pass an order onto our production. After checking the quality we transport the finished products to the client’s office and the final great challenge starts. As a rule we must manage the installation as quickly as possible in order to minimise any disruption to the running of the company. In this phase every minute counts.

We are able to come out on top thanks to good preparations. For this reason we plan the logistics of every project down to the finest detail prior to starting installation. This project was no exception.

The installation took place in two phases, each of which we had to complete over a limited number of days. Despite the demanding deadline we did not hold up the company’s operations any longer than had originally been planned and all the almost 1300 employees moved into their new office on time.


Do you want to sit or stand when working? You can choose – for our desks your wish is our command. The Ahrend Balance desk is part of the long design tradition of the Ahrend brand. Elegant construction in combination with smart technologies and a range of accessories enabling versatile modes of use. Balance responds to the changing requirements of employees, new forms of work, and sets the new standard for ergonomic workstations.

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