In five weeks and without defects or deficiencies

Syngenta is an international company that offers comprehensive solutions to problems with weeds, insects and fungal disease. We delivered interior furnishings for their Prague branch in Nové Butovice, which has a beautiful view across the city.

The office is characterised by light colour tones and well thought through details. In the corner of the office, at the spot with the best view, is a relaxation zone with a distinctive green colour palette, a kitchenette and small bookshelves, which optically separates this space from the rest of the office. We managed to produce all the necessary bespoke items in record time and without a single defect.


As a dominant design feature of several rooms in the new office we used the newly launched wooden table from our portfolio.

The legs and side pieces are made from solid ash with steel inset elements. The standard desktop is made from laminated chipboard with a thickness of 25 mm and a 2mm plastic edge. The option PerfectSense Topmatt provides a high resistance to scratching and knocks, and is ideal for horizontal surfaces subject to a high degree of wear and tear. Forget about a sticky surface and stains. This ultra-matt surface feels velvety to the touch and has very good resistance to finger prints.

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