The future is key

Veeam was established in 2006 and is a leader in intelligent data management for large companies with exceptional accessibility. Across the globe it currently has over 330 thousand customers, 59 thousand distribution partners and branches in over 30 countries. One of these branches, which we helped to furnish, is now housed in new offices in Holešovice.

Open plan is not everything  

The new offices are located on three floors of a modern building and you would be hard pressed to find any traditional open plan spaces there. The space is divided into small closed offices, each for several employees in a pure technical style, which reflects the architecture of the building.

The offices have a good number of meeting rooms of different sizes. A specially designed diamond-shaped reception desk set against a moss wall with lights and plant pots. We arranged the supply of all transfers and signage that safely lead you to your office. Employees can recuperate during a long and demanding day in the large kitchen with natural illumination, a beautiful view, comfortable seating and the opportunity for sport.

Masters of ping pong

Employees in their free time eagerly practice ping pong, and so on every floor there is a small or large games room. The kitchenettes are decorated with trophies won at various competitions. In addition to ping pong you will also find the ever popular games of table football and pool.

Ideal meeting room

The offices do not lack for sufficient closed meeting rooms enabling flexible use for meetings, presentations, training, team projects etc. As you would expect from an IT firm, they have perfect IT connectivity and videoconferencing, so they can be used, for example, for connecting with foreign branches.

The beauty of simplicity

Although our Arkus C desk is hardly a newcomer to our portfolio, its sophisticated and clean design still give it a very current appearance. If you select simple colours, as in this case, you can’t go wrong. Accompanying the desk with the Sidiz task chair creates the ideal workstation in the technical style.

Jan Procházka
Sales manager TECHO

Veeam, satisfied client, satisfied supplier. This was a project in the spirit of win-win. Throughout the preparation period and the actual installation work the mood was good, and this is reflected in the results. The interior is clean, transparent, functional, and it meets all the client’s expectations. We are confident that this will not mark the end of our cooperation and that we will work with Veeam on further interesting projects as they expand, not just in the Czech market, but also abroad.

Meeting Room of the Year 2018

The Meeting Room of the Year has the ambition of showcasing the best of offices in the Czech Republic. In last year’s competition there were a record 101 entries, with 44 firms being selected by an expert jury for the final. We are proud that VEEAM’s office was among the finalists.

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